Tour Reviews

"Riveting stuff"
New York Daily News

"A good storyteller. You'll find yourself dreamily following him, mesmerized by his tales"
Washington Post

"You are the world's best guide!"
Kenneth Baum, Investment banker

"Passionate about American history and a wonderful storyteller"
Chicago Sun-Times

"Maximum four stars"
Washington Times

"Erudite and witty. Wonderful tours"
Toronto Star

"Magical history tours"
Washington City Paper

"Get ready to follow Anthony Pitch"
Philadelphia Inquirer

"A wonderfully skilled communicator"
Smithsonian Institution Associates Program

"Couldn't have been more fun and informative"
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"Weaves a spell as he relates the events"
The Lincolnian

"A wonderful storyteller"
Air Tran Arrivals

"The tour was phenomenal"
Washington, D.C. Convention and Tourism Corporation

"Your manner and descriptions of every detail are incredible and it is always a great pleasure to be with you on your tours"
Washington Area Concierge Association

"A must for all visitors and Washingtonians"
ELS Language Centers Discover Washington, D.C.

"Nationally recognized"
Let's Go Guide

"Highly recommended"
The Rough Guide

"Wonderful tour. Everyone was thrilled"
The Boeing Company

"Thanks so much for a bravura performance"
Brookings Center for Executive Education

"Everyone thought you did an absolutely splendid job"
American Enterprise Institute

"You scored a perfect 100 once again. You are beloved by my groups"
4 Seasons Tours and Travel

"The best inside information on Washington, D.C!"
Essentially America Magazine

"Weaves historical notes, copious details and juicy tidbits"
Baltimore Sun

"With gusto and an amazing array of back-up details"
Philadelphia Exponent

"Each evaluation has an excellent rating"
Rollins College Alumni Association

"The kids immediately went silent as soon as they heard your voice, pushed for a position in the front, and hung on your every word. I overheard some of the kids say to each other 'I thought this history walk was going to be boring, but it's not!'"
Australian Girls Choir/National Boys Choir

"The tour was thrilling."
General Electric Financial Assurance

"Wonderful tour. You made the attractions come alive. The trip would not have been nearly as enjoyable without you."
Chris Lamoureux Insurance Agency

"Your knowledge and style and interesting tid-bits of information were wonderful and enjoyed by all"
Eastman House Council

"We count ourselves very lucky to have found you - with your knowledge and charm"
College of American Pathologists

"They (Indiana University participants) all came back raving about their experience!"
The Smithsonian Associates

"Everyone had a wonderful time and are still talking about it this morning!"
Cooley, Godward, Kronish LLP

"Fantastic. Informative and entertaining. Able to relate to the kids. Simply wonderful"
Doug Hodge

"What a wonderful tour"
The Fraser Institute, Vancouver, Canada

"You were the highlight of our visit!"
Lisa Siemasko

"So many many compliments for the tour! Really!!!"
Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers

"The boys just loved spending the time with you and you have fallen into the revered status of 'really neat.'"
David Norman

"Thank you for the most amazing tour! It was definitely an experience that I will never forget.'"
Brad Charon

"The best source on the Adams-Morgan neighborhood"
New Haven Register